FOM-032 Women MMA in Thongs
Julya M vs Olenia S


Julya M
Julya M
Olenia S
Olenia S
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Julya, Olenia S
Dress: Non Topless
Rules: Bsa-extreme

For those who like it rough, hard women fighting from Ukraine. Ligthweights Julya M and Olenia S face off in the ring in a fast and furious no-holds-barred fight, showing plenty of aggression. They both use plenty of punching and kicking during the stand up fighting. As per Danube Women Wrestling tradition, women wear thongs in this MMA fight.

(The price of this match has been reduced since the video has a quality lower than the usual DWW standards)

Additional information

Duration 15 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 384×288 25fps (H.264)

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