FOM-153 Eva vs Monika N


Monika N
Monika N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Eva, Monika_N
Dress: wrestling

This is an interesting match from 2001. It’s in an apartment and both girls start in miniskirts and bikinis but strip to topless. However, it is a special rules match. Monika has the right to apply a hold and Eva has to defend herself while Eva must be defensive only without attacking Monika. Therefore Eva had no chance due to the rules to gather a point, but she had the chance to make it tough for Monika to make her giving up. Since all pins were for submissions only (no counts) there were very long pins and great struggling. It’s fully competitive, though, because Eva tries really hard. Both girls look really beautiful and sexy on this day. There are 6 falls, starting with a sgpin, then a grapevine pin, then a breastsmother bodypress pin, then a bodyscissors, then a headscissors and finally a double nelson submission hold.

Content: Fight of the Month # 153 (June 2006)

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