FOM-161 Hostesses Fight
Silvi vs Ester


Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Silvi, Ester
Dress: Bikini wrestling
Surface: on the mat

This is an extremely interesting pins and submission wrestling match having an exciting background: In summer 1996 we held our second summer event. In the hotel where we lived there were two very pretty female tourist agents working. They both had nothing to do with wrestling, they were just there caring for the tourists and for us since both agents were language talents and could translate. Of course they have seen our girls wrestle during the event from time to time and of course they met our fans and our fans were in AWE when they saw and met those two intelligent and extremely gorgeous women in the hotel. On the last day of our event there was a group of our fans who were brave enough to ask them if they could “bribe” them to wrestle. Since they have seen females wrestling during this weekend they were not at all negative about the question and our group was a nice one and so they agreed. Of course they had no idea about wrestling at all. They had never thought about wrestling anybody in their life either. Both women were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, LOL! Finally one group of fans trained one girl and the other group trained the other girl for about half an hour to show them what this is all about. Surely a fans’ dream and fantasy come true to introduce a pretty women into her first female competition for her first real match. These two – although they had no skill – did not disappoint us. They were really trying hard. Of course there is this typical female competition, particularly when they two know each other well and when they even are working together. They knew they would meet monday at work again in the tourist agency and then the other one would either know if she’s the better woman or the weaker woman. And perhaps she’d even tell her winning to their colleagues? There was so much pride at stake! Unbelievable – and you can see it. An exciting but unskilled match between two real beauties. Their first, and also perhaps even their last match, ever. But surely worth to watch. It came straight from our long hidden “diamond chamber” !

Content: Fight of the Month # 161 (July 2006)

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