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This is one of the most exciting international matches we’ve ever filmed in 20 years. It’s not only a fight between two generations (young vs “old”) but it’s also a fight between members of two teams with different training and different ways of submission wrestling that is making this fight extremely exciting. Both are extremely ambitious in front of their friends and particularly for Dani this match soon seems to become a matter of pride. She just didn’t like being outclassed and humiliated by the much younger but very aggressive woman. Consequently the older woman is getting extremely aggressive, too, and literally fighting for her life. It’s very seldom that you can see such an emotional and exciting fight in an event. These two women were completely melting up with each others bodies. Sometimes you just don’t know whose feet would belong to whom or where their heads would be gone. In this match there’s also one of the most impressive breast smother submissions ever! Please don’t miss this match just because it is in bikinis! There’s plenty of uncovered breasts, too. You would probably hurt yourself if you wouldn’t watch this match. Without exaggerating, this is definitely one of the best pins and submission wrestling matches of the past 10 years.

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