FOM-162 Denise vs Laura


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Denise, Laura
Dress: Topless long pins wrestling
Surface: on the mat

A long and very exciting match with special rules. This was for bodypress pins only (flat breast to breast and body to body pins) but there were no pin counts allowed but the winner should be determined as the woman who after 25 minutes of wrestling would have spent more time in the dominating bodypress pin position than her opponent. Those who prefer many variations of pins and submissions in a match might call this a roll around. But don’t be mislead. This was fully competitive, even with some hairpulling to gain the better position. Exciting for those who like two women battling intensely in close body to body contact.

Content: Fight of the Month # 162 (July 2006)

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Duration 29 minutes
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