FOM-229 No Holds Barred at the Beach
Svetlana Kr vs Irina Rm


Irina Rm
Irina Rm
Svetlana Kr
Svetlana Kr
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Fight of the Month # 229 (March 2007)
Svetlana Kr (21), Irina Rm (24)

This is a BSA estreme fight filmed outside at a lonely beach in the summer of 2000. Lots of BSA women are watching them fighting and cheering them on, making this an extraordinary, almost unreal scenario almost like this were happening on another planet or in another galaxy. The fight is typical BSA with cobra gloves, boxing, kicking and ground fighting to a submission. Irina is very aggressive and it isn’t that easy for Svetlana to take the control. If you like it extreme then it is for you, for those who do not like the punching and kicking of top class athletic sports women, better skip it.

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