FOM-313 Luzia vs Eva


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Fight of the Month # 313 (January 2008)
Luzia (21), Eva (20)

Some of our fans – who were lucky to sponsor and to watch this match already – said, that this was probably one of the most sexy and erotic and most revealing match with most visible chemistry between Luzia and Eva out of all the matches they’ve had with each other. We agree. Both young women are wearing their tiniest bikinis in this ultra long “pins only to a submission” wrestling match. There is not a single minute when they have time to relax, too good and too strong each of the two female athletes would be to bridge and to escape any just half hearted pin holds immediately. They both had to give 100% power from start to end and you’ll be surprised how long they fight and what great endurance, stamina and ambition they both had. They both literally fight to exhaustion with one proud woman desperately gasping when caught in her final humiliating long sgpin. Both could have easily been the winners – that close this match was. It was probably one of Eva’s finest matches. The bodies of both athletes were absolutely fit, muscular and probably at its best during their whole career. If you like long pins only matches and two great athletes giving it all while wearing their most revealing bikinis, later topless, long sgpin, grapevines, long and erotic bodypress pins, then don’t miss that match. You’ll be excited. It’s definitely one of their best and most erotic competitions they’d both ever done on a mat during their whole career. They’re rivals made for each other ! Usually this match is worth ten or even more credits. You, our DWW members, are getting this match in January 2008 for one credit only, as a welcome bonus gift in 2008 !

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