FOM-338 Olga K. vs Evgenia L.


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Fight of the Month # 338(April 2008)
Olga K. (29), Evgenia L. (20)

This is the first part of a great series of aggressive apartment catfights with slapping, hair pulling, dress ripping and pantyhose following up a storyline. A landlord sold the same flat to 2 different pairs of women. When they all came to their new flat (for which they had already paid) to move in, each of them finds out that there are other women for moving into the same flat, too. No surprise that the argument amongst these four women about their new flat escalates and after a short phone call with the landlord (who’s a crook) he told them that he doesn’t care and they should leave him alone and settle their argument between themselves. There’s no doubt that they are ready to and two of the women immediately start to brawl while the other two were watching them and waiting for their turn coming up. First the older and heavier woman gets the upper hand but the more she uses her weight to dominate her younger enemy the more aggressive that much younger girl gets and the more the mature and heavier woman gets into trouble. This match ends when the first woman submits and the other two woman begin to fight each other. Of course, we’ll continue this series of catfights until the final winner and the best woman will emerge and get the flat as her prize.

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