FOM-389 Viktoria B. vs Yulia


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This is a new try out to find out if there are enough fans who like to download our BSA matches as a fight of the month. This match from 1998 is pretty interesting as there meet a good wrestler (Viktoria B.) and a kick boxer (Yulia) on the mat. Soon Viktoria uses her weight to bring Yulia down to the mats but Yulia knows very well how to use the guard and prevents the wrestler’s attacks who has to be very careful for not presenting her unprotected face to Yulia’s fists. After some unsuccessful attempts to make Yulia submit, there is a long guard stalemate followed by a referee’s stalemate break. After this break Yulia tries to do what she can do best and kicks and boxes into the bigger and stronger Viktoria, not giving her another chance to bring her down to the mat where Viktoria could use her weight and strength advantage. There are better BSA fights between the more experienced BSA women, but this one is quite interesting and the last 5 minutes are: WOW !

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