FOM-459 Tiffany vs Paul


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is a mixed wrestling match between Tiffany and equally matched Paul. For Tiffany this was had been one of the first wrestling matches of her wrestling career and therefore she was still pretty unskilled at this time. Logically she couldn’t keep up with the skills of more skilled and much more experienced Paul. His wrestling techniques were much better than hers. This did result into a real power struggle between a well trained man versus a female athlete. This is real muscle vs muscle. If you ever wanted to watch a match where the woman doesn’t win just because she’s more skilled and more experienced than the guy, watch this wrestling match from the year 2000 ! It’s much recommended for mixed wrestling fans and for those of you who love to see one of famous Tiffany’s first matches. This was her absolutely first mixed wrestling match of her wrestling career. This is an excellent match for fans of mixed gender power and muscle struggles!

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