FOM-528 Laila vs Jana N with Silvia N watching them (Family Feud Part 2)


Jana N
Jana N


This is the second part of an exciting sequence. After you’ve watched Laila dominating her then to be “little sister” Silvia, Silvia decides that she wants revenge for her humiliation. She’s calling her best friend, sporty Jana. She believes that Jana could up Silvia’s elder sister for her. When Jana arrives, Laila isn’t amused and she wants Silvia’s friend to leave their flat. However, Jana is here to defend Silvia and to ask Laila to treat Silvia better and with more respect in the future. However, Laila doesn’t even think to do so and she once again is treating Silvia quite badly by pushing her to the floor. Now Jana is attacking Laila and this is leading to an extreme slapping catfight. Silvia is watching them slapping and hairpulling and fighting and she’s hoping that Jana would teach her elder sister a lesson she’d never forget. However, Laila is the stronger woman and Jana is required to use some dirty tricks, making Laila extremely aggressive. This is a very intense extreme catfight and we do not recommend watching this match for the faint-hearted! It’s slapping, hairpulling and catfight to the finish!

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