FOM-583 Jana N vs Petr


Jana N
Jana N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is a follow up from our old video DWW-250. Jana caught her boyfriend Petr and blonde Eva while they were doing some necking and petting to each other. Jana is very upset and first it was Eva who was beaten up by aggressive Jana (see DWW-250) in a catfight. After she had finished off Eva it is Petr who has still got to get his beating. That mixed wrestling part had still been resting unreleased by today. Although he’s trying to prevent what should be obvious to come, Jana is seeking for her satisfaction and for justice. Petr has got to learn his lesson! Being just 18 at this time and being much lighter and weaker than she’s today, Jana had always been a great and particularly an aggressive wrestler and here she’s once again proving that matter of fact in her apartment mixed wrestling fight versus pretty much embarrassed Petr.

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