MOVIES-820 Jana N vs Leo


Jana N
Jana N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Leo is much stronger than Jana and he’s also much bigger. However, the advantage of women is that they’re quicker and more flexible than guys. Their main advantage, however, is always that they’re having a much better endurance than guys could ever have. This was Jana’s only chance in this sponsored mixed wrestling match. Jana couldn’t use most of her notorious and effective submission holds because Leo would just carry her up as if she were a feather and then he’d aggressively smash her to the floor. Jana had to be clever and using all her experience against that bigger guy. She also had to find the right tactics to avoid a one sided match. However, we know Jana and we’re sure that she found a way to flatten this bigger and stronger guy, too. If you don’t mind if a guy is manhandling a girl for quite some time, then you’ll love this match. However, this match had to be real and competitive of course!

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