FOM-714 Renata B vs Arnold and Renata B vs Richard


Renata B
Renata B
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


There are three short matches in one download. You can see a hard struggling and inexperienced Arnold being dominated in an awesome head scissors by experienced and strong wrestler Renata. Then Renata gives Arnold a second chance, however, once again he fails to be a competitive guy in a long SGPIN. Finally Renata takes on newcomer Richard and she’s going to dominate him in a long grapevine pin. Renata is teasing those guys and humiliating them both verbally and physically. This isn’t a video for mixed fans who like to watch a lot of different but always changing holds and quick action. This is a video for fans who like to see the long head scissors, the long grapevine pin and the long SGPIN where an untalented male wrestler struggles helplessly versus a stronger woman.

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