MOVIES-054 Josephus vs Orsi


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Josephus (23),Orsi (20)

This is the first filmed HWW mixed wrestling match ever. And this is an excellent mixed match ever, too, perhaps one of the most competitive ones and in the end at least emotionally this match becomes a kind of a mixed match catfight. Josephus is a friend of Orsi’s clique and she told him that they were searching for a young man for a to be filmed mixed match. He was curious but sort of convinced that a girl would never have a chance to win against a man in a competitive match. However, their friends were curious, too, and – although we don’t know exactly – we really believe that there were private bets at stake between those friends as how long Orsi would be able to stand up against a man of her size and weight. Probably Orsi and Josephus had private bets with their friends, too. The longer this match becomes, the harder it gets for the man and the more angry Josephus becomes and also the more tension comes into the atmosphere. Orsi is quite cool all the time in this match but she has all her hands full and needs all her skill and strength to defend the pride of her gender. If you like competitive, definitely NOT one sided mixed wrestling that is at least as aggressive as a match between two women who hate each other could be, then this is a mixed match to watch out for.

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