MOVIES-063 Introducing HWW novices, Part 7, Viki A vs Kinga H


Kinga H
Kinga H
Viki A
Viki A
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Kinga H. (22), Viki A. (21)

This is a series of downloads introducing novices in their first matches for HWW. These women were all trained in wrestling basics but they don’t have much skill and even less experience, but they all try hard and do as much as they can for winning. It’s just like if you’d had randomly asked a number of young and pretty women you accidentally met at a bus station, to fight for you as to determine between them as whom of them has got any talent and who has none and who’s the strongest of them. Perhaps it wasn’t even far away from this example in reality as it has happened.

This is a topless pins and submission match between two of the weaker girls: Kinga H. and big busted Viki A. – nevertheless – they’re trying.
You will decide about who will get another chance: Well check the number of downloads of each match and we’ll read your reviews and what you think of the new girls. If you don’t like one or another novice we won’t give them another chance, but those novices whom the majority of you would like to see again (based at your reviews and the number the downloads for her matches) – those novices will likely get another chance.

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