MOVIES-113 Sunny vs Juliana Part 1


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Sunny (22), Juliana (22)

This is the final match of a special 3 girls round robin topless tournament with three really gorgeous beginners. All three have wrestled before but of course they are far away from the top league of our better wrestlers yet. However, they are the typical beautiful girls next door and we – plus many of you – don’t really care how skilled they are as long as they want to win. And they do!
More about these special XP rules kindly read in the lengthy description of MOVIES-111. Of course this is another match with the “P” rule when the loser has to say “I give” although this time she hesitates to quit for quite some time. And again there is a second part of this match to be released in when the exhausted loser gets her immediate chance for a revenge by using perhaps some different female tactics and skill (the “X” rules) she knows to apply better than the stronger woman. Find out ! A match that does not end where other matches end ….. Watch part 2 !

Content: Special Round Robin XP-Style

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