MOVIES-351 Part 1
Leslie vs Lucille


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Part 2 featured as TRIB-0176
Leslie (25), Lucille (23)

This is a topless wrestling match between Leslie and Lucille. At first there are interviews (in English) with both wrestlers. Lucille is very strong but Leslie has got some advantage as she has had more matches and therefore she’s got more experience. Their wrestling is very intense, but as Leslie suffers to keep up with Lucille’s strength, she’s made other plans to make her submit. Long breast to breast body presses and heavy moans and groans will ring the bells that there has something changed within the competition of these two women. They’re still competitive, but it’s getting different. That’s the exactly right moment to finish this movie and to advise all those of you who’re interested to find out how they will continue and who the better woman finally will be: Go to our erotic site and check out Part 2 featured as TRIB-0176 if you’re curious !!

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