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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This was a sponsored mixed match and it is one of the first international mixed matches between the two teams. Young and determined Patrick has already had two matches versus two of our best wrestlers and he’s a quick learner. This time he was scheduled to wrestle Antscha, an experienced and muscular wrestler from the HWW team. Not enough that his pride was at stake in front of his girlfriends from his own team and even his elder sister was watching him wrestling, he was also scheduled to wrestle in front of our June 2008 live audience. There was no doubt that Patrick would do everything for not being humiliated by a woman in a competitive match in front of so many people. Will he be successful and will he be able to avoid mental humiliation by losing to a woman in a fair fight ? Fans of fully competitive mixed matches will certainly very much enjoy this match as it was probably one of the best ever. Your reviews will be appreciated.

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