DWW-430-03 HWW Mixed Wrestling
Antscha vs Josephus


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Antscha vs Josephus

This is the first mixed wrestling video from the HWW team. It is exciting and fully competitive with lots of pins and submissions. Although the men have got not a single second to relax, they are all giving 100% and more for not looking like fools versus these strong and skilled women. In the first match Viktoria challenges ultra strong Gergy. Is Viktoria’s skill and experience enough for this strong man ? In the second match Viktoria gets and easier opponent with Josephus. Although he struggles and wrestles very aggressively, Viktoria knows for every moment in this match that she’s the better one. She delightfully shows it. At the end the loser looks quite humiliated. In between all these matches there are always short interviews with both the women and the men in English. The final match is Antscha’s first mixed match for HWW. She challenges Josephus. Although smaller and lighter than Viktoria, Antscha makes this a match of muscles versus muscles using her strong biceps showing us men how strong women could be.

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3 mat mixed matches featuring
Viktoria M. (28) vs Gergy (27)
Viktoria M. (28) vs Josephus (23)
Antscha (28) vs Josephus (23)

Additional information

Duration 19 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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