MOVIES-486 Lucille vs Mariella


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apartment jeans fight
Lucille (24), Mariella (20)

This is a topless apartment wrestling match on the bed and in the bedroom in jeans between Mariella and gorgeous Lucille. Both women are real rivals and while they are wrestling for submissions, the female tension between them is getting extremely exciting. The longer their aggressive fight lasts the closer they’re coming towards an explosion. This match is a fine example for that a real catfight doesn’t necessarily need any hair pulling involved to be a real and exciting catfight. The longer this match goes, the more this becomes a real (non hair pulling) catfight that is not only extremely emotional but displays a true female rivalry between two proud and confident women. There are real tears shed in this fight and there is not only a proud winner but a loser who would like nothing more than to get an immediate rematch. You bet that there’s no love lost between these two women in this aggressive fight ! Much recommended !

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