MOVIES-501 November 2008 event
Arm Wrestling Party


Tests of Strength
Tests of Strength


Vladka, Cathy, Petra, Tiffany, Dani, Renata B., Denise, Mel, Miriam, Gloria, Antonia, Leslie, Yvonne and Lucille

Sponsored by our event attendees we organised an arm wrestling event right after the Saturday dinner with 14 wrestlers participating split into 4 groups until the winners qualified for the Grand final. You do not only have the great opportunity to watch these lovely women outside the mats in action but you’ll also be able to watch one of the best and perhaps the most entertaining arm wrestling tournament ever filmed in history. We’d be very surprised if you wouldn’t share our laughs and smiles and if you wouldn’t be in awe about the ambition of those truly competitive female athletes when watching them. “This is the best arm wrestling I’d ever seen” – “this is best fun I’ve ever had at an event” – “this is better than any fantasy” – “this is truly the best stuff I’d ever seen” ….… Those were just a few of the many positive comments our guests were saying when watching the beautiful women arm wrestling live. Whether or not you are an arm wrestling fan, you ought to watch this movie. It’s an extraordinarily entertaining movie and there’s lots of fun, too, plus you’ll get a fine glimpse of the women and their characters about how they are looking and doing outside the mats !

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