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Jana N
Jana N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This match was a specially sponsored mixed wrestling match with pins only rules between Jana (in a bikini) and strong Patrick. Although Patrick hasn’t been too good and successful in his first matches after his comeback, every new match of course would bring him forward and he’ll regain confidence, skills and experience. In this match the rules were on Patrick’s side since Jana is smaller and lighter and it’s always a problem for the smaller one pinning the bigger and heavier one. If submissions and scissors would have been allowed, Jana would probably have swept the floor with him. But with pins only (to a count of 5), she had to change her tactics significantly. Patrick however was keen to take his chance and he was pretty aggressive. He shouldn’t have hurt Jana since from that moment on she became ruthless. A good mixed wrestling match for those of you who like competitive wrestling for pins but who do not miss the scissors.

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