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Remember her legendary submission wrestling match from the March event! At first Lucille was the dominant wrestler but when Antonia injured Lucille’s neck, that pain was a too big handicap for competing fully versus somebody experienced and skilled like Antonia and it was the reason why the match had turned into the other direction. The sponsor of this rematch had special rules for Lucille. She could decide how far she wanted to go. If she would be sure winning in a normal topless match, she could do whatever is usual. However, if she thought that she would get a better chance weakening Antonia when going nude then she could also turn this into a nude match without any limits as long as she would wrestle competitive. That kind of rule would give Lucille and advantage ver elder Antonia that she surely has got as the sexually more experienced and more confident woman. Would that work to weaken Antonia that way or at least making Antonia lose her concentration? We don’t know but you’ll find out. This is a fully competitive mainly nude wrestling match from start to the end with some erotic elements and some female expert hands doing some things on body spots where they usually shouldn’t be. This is competitive wrestling but it’s not erotic wrestling. There are just the fingers sometimes where you don’t expect them to be. It’s also no trib match at all or we would have released it on our erotic site. This is a fully competitive wrestling match with holds and elements you have probably often dreamt about happening but rarely ever seen before.

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