MOVIES-734 Lucille vs Pamela


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This is a pretty interesting and exciting oil wrestling match between Pamela and Lucille. Both are proud women and they respect each other, however, there had always been a strong rivalry between younger Lucille and her elder sibling Pamela. They can’t deny their rivalry and jealousy in this intense oil wrestling match either. There’s lots of pride at stake. Both women are proud of their breasts and they’re using them as weapons, too. After a few minutes they decide to continue completely nude as their wet thongs were inconvenient and they didn’t have any inhibition about being nude in front of each others sister as they know each other very well because they were growing up together when they were kids. These two oiled up mature female bodies are indeed a thrilling and exciting sight and you soon begin to wonder what could happen between them if they weren’t siblings? This match is intense, with lots of breast battle, scissors and body press pins, plus you’ll feel a huge tension between them. That tension isn’t visible only but you can even feel that unusual and exciting atmosphere while you’re watching them fighting in oil. There is a clear winner but we strongly believe that their rivalry will continue for long.

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