MOVIES-682 Lucille vs Pamela – Sisters’ Duel


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This is the wrestling match most of you had waited for a long time to see it happening. This is the Duel between the sisters Lucille and Pamela. It’s their first physical Duel in history. Pamela is the elder and the taller sister but Lucille is already wrestling since a longer time and she’s got some more experience. Will this be enough for the younger sister for teaching her elder sister a lesson or will her elder sister prove the pecking order in their family? Both young women admit in their short interviews that a match between sisters is mentally a very tough match and very difficult. There’s much more than pride at stake. This match is extremely aggressive and obviously there’s no love lost between them. Is Lucille going to settle an old rivalry once and for all? Will Pamela humiliate her younger sisters’ pride in front of a crowd of wrestling experts? This is definitely one of the best and most exciting wrestling matches in a long time. It’s a fast and furious match and it takes half an hour before one of the two sisters will finally be triumphant! This is a match everybody should have seen for being able to talk about it. It’s definitely one of those matches you cannot see every day. Very much recommended!

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