MOVIES-712 Leslie vs Ivy


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Caution: This is a sponsored nude match with some rather unusual rules and it is therefore not the usual wrestling you can see on this website. Ivy and Leslie are two women who are in love with the same guy. They are meeting each other on the mat – completely nude – for settling their dispute once and for all. Their goal is to smother their opponent into submission with their sweat and particularly by pressing their nose and mouth into their sweaty armpits. First they’re struggling in a standing position headlock for fixing each others nose in their armpits, then they’re trying to settle their dispute in a breast fight combined with some hand smothering attacks and finally they’re rolling – muscular legs interlocked – on the mat with some light hair pulling, always seeking to fix the nose of their opponent into their sweating armpits in order to make her submit. This isn’t any of the normal wrestling matches at all but quite certainly there might be something interesting to watch for fans of various special interests in this unusual match.

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