MOVIES-735 Jana N. vs Eva N.


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Please read: This was a sponsored match and unlike most other competitive DWW matches, this is a semi-competitive match, dedicated only to the beauty of the “chest-style” SGPIN.
This video series has a story. The four friends are playing the strip poker card game. Usually at one point they should be nude, but they don’t want and instead they follow Lucille’s idea for a penalty that the loser of such a game would have to be sg-pinned by the winner of the game for 10 minutes. From the start to the finish Jana is sitting in a “chest-style” SGPIN on her victim Eva who struggles but can’t escape while her friends Lucille and Emanuella are cheering her on and making sexy pictures with their mobile phones. If you like watching a very long, perfect “chest style” sgpin in an exciting atmosphere with four beautiful topless women in the apartment then this is exactly made for you.

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