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Tests of Strength
Tests of Strength


There was an arm wrestling tournament at the Dinner Party and 15 beautiful women participated in 4 different round robin groups. This is exactly what you’re dreaming of seeing while you’re in an elegant restaurant when there are also a lot of gorgeous young women sitting there: “Who’s the strongest of them? I’d really like to watch them arm wrestling altogether!” – Here your fantasy comes true! However, those 20 minutes of arm wrestling aren’t just interesting for arm wrestling fans only but it’s strongly recommended for all of you because it demonstrates the wonderful atmosphere and the fun and the good mood of the women at such an event. You’ll love it! There are 20 arm wrestling matches with both the left and the right arm in this video! Don’t expect any sporting atmosphere, please! It’s party time and 15 wonderful and dressed up and made up women are showing biceps in some exciting muscle competition! Watch the likes of Ingrid, Eva N., Miriam, Lucille, Luna, Antonia, Mel, Tiffany, Dani, Pamela, Cathy. Denise, Renata B., Nikita and Mary-Ann ! Even then if you weren’t any arm wrestling at all, this video is well worth for being watched by all of you!

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