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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Sponsored by a long time fan of mixed wrestling and a supporter of sporting mixed wrestling matches, this pins and submissions mixed wrestling match between strong newcomer Luna and Patrick will surely become a collector’s item for most of our mixed wrestling fans. Usually it is the woman who’s the weaker gender but she’s more skilled and more experienced than the guy and her skills and experience advantages are helping the women to win their mixed matches. However, this time it was (for the first time ever!) the guy who’s had more matches and who was more skilled and experienced than the girl. Therefore Luna definitely had to be much stronger than Patrick for having a chance to win this match. You’ll see a real mixed muscle power struggle between a girl and a guy. Sometimes it looks like a mixed street fight. Will this guy beat up the girl or is Luna strong enough to flatten that guy with her girl muscle power only? Watch a most exciting and fast paced mixed wrestling match with two competitors who really want to win this and who’d do absolutely everything in order to win this match. This becomes almost a mixed fight and the unlucky loser really wants a rematch!

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