MOVIES-834 Petra & Vladka vs Eva N & Emanuella (p2)


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Petra and Vladka are back! They’re both bigger and more powerful than ever. You wouldn’t like meeting any of those two women in a dark night in a dark street. You’d be afraid of them. Here they’re working for a car leasing company, bringing back cars whose drivers didn’t pay the car leasing rates in time. Eva did promise them (see in part 1) that she’d have the money ready on the next day. When Vladka and Petra are coming back it’s unfortunate Emanuella only who’s at home and there are neither the promised money nor the car keys. Both big women are really pissed now and they’re and they vent their anger. Poor Emanuella! They’re both sitting o her upper body waiting for Eva coming back. They hate liars! When Eva is coming back they’re showing no mercy for her and neither are they leaving alone her girlfriend. Now they’re hard and tough sitting on their bodies waiting until the two much smaller girls can’t do it any longer. Finally they would always get what they wanted. They know this and they’re both ruthless! This is another video for fans of the long chest STYLE SGPIN and also for fans of total domination and humiliation and fans of very big women dominating and sitting on much smaller women.

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