MOVIES-878 Mary-Ann vs Emanuella


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This is an extremely tough and mean real apartment catfight with some of the hardest hair pulling you could imagine. Both women are beautiful, athletic and strong and here they’re dressed in a fishnet body only. Other than the fishnet body they’re completely nude, revealing us quite a lot of their beautiful bodies. This is the first time that Mary-Ann is engaged in a “nude wrestling match and she did never reveal us any more of her gorgeous body on our mats than she was revealing here. This is a real catfight with some trash talk between two real rivals and both women are soon complaining about the other one trying to “scalp” her. Although Emanuella is lighter and a bit smaller than Mary-Ann she’s not at all weaker than her. We do also know that Emanuella doesn’t give up easily and that she’s got two extremely strong legs and that she’s pulling hair like a crazy girl. This is a great catfight with one definite hair pulling submission and in the end there are two exhausted women who’re fighting to the finish until both of them can’t literally move any more. Finally this is leading us towards a quite erotic final sequence which will make some of you very happy and what could probably share a lot of hope for seeing much more between those two fantastic female rivals soon.

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