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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Milo is in fact the first guy on the DWW wrestling mat who is coming from the fighting scene. He’s trained in amateur wrestling and in cage free fighting. Of course he wasn’t allowed to use his hitting techniques nor any choking techniques in his matches on the DWW mats as our rules are quite different and we always care for the safety of our women. In fact we didn’t know at all how he would do with those different rules against our brave girls and for his first introduction match we gave him Pamela who was brave and keen enough to challenge this strong guy. First he was a bit shy and he did obviously underestimate the strength and skills of Pamela. Also we were able to realise that he did obviously love the close body contact with a woman like Pamela much more than necessary. Pamela did a great match but this guy was very powerful and extremely skilled and used to escape from scissors and guards and he was not at all keen for losing here against a woman. If you enjoy real mixed wrestling matches that are 100% competitive, skilled and sporting with a touch of erotic (e.g. dress, and the reaction of that guy, etc.) then you’ll love this match. A quick note: Once after a fall when Milo didn’t want to stand up quickly enough, Pamela pointed towards his abdomen and said: “Now stand up if you dare!” … making that guy deliberately moving his back towards our camera only ….
However, if you like to see women winning only and if you hate watching guys who are actually winning falls in mixed matches, then better skip this 100% competitive mixed wrestling match or you might be disappointed.

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