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Select the correct 3 out of 6 girls who enjoy wrestling

This is a funny difference compared to all our other releases. We know that many of our fans would often like to be mice and like watching us how we are finding new wrestlers from time to time. Here we’re presenting you some kind of “Street-Casting”. Cathy is walking around in the town holding a small hand–held camera, asking random girls who either look like athletes or who simply look like pretty and confident girls the ultimate question if they wanted to wrestle girls topless for money. Of course their answers were quite different but all of them finally accepted to take Cathy’s personal business card and all of those 6 young women being presented here did call her back later. Finally only 3 out of those 6 women did start training and wrestling on video for DWW. Here you can watch them about how they looked like and how their first reactions were in front of a camera when they were confronted for the first time with that rather strange question about them wrestling another girl. That short video is much more exciting than you might believe that it is.

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