MOVIES-892 Sonia vs Pia


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This is Sonia versus another newcomer in a pins and submissions wrestling match. Pia has already had two pins only matches while Sonia has had two pins and submissions matches. Pia is smaller than Sonia, but that little ex-gymnast is determined, quick and much stronger than she looks like. Sonia however is confident and prior to the match she was sure that she could easily beat up smaller Pia while she thought she’s much stronger than her. Once again this is an aggressive fight between two newcomers and there’s no holding back at all. They want to destroy each other and finally one woman ends up actually totally destroyed and she quits this exciting match with lots of tears because of frustration and anger. Once again only your fair download numbers will tell us if we should give Sonia or Pia another chance in the future and of course, as always, we won’t know if the frustration of a completely defeated loser wouldn’t unfortunately make her keen to retire.

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