MOVIES-901 Luna vs Viktoria M.


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This is an international topless pins and submissions wrestling match from the most recent event. Luna did already prove us her strength and her wonderful ambition as a wrestler and she was more than ready for her first international wrestling match. While Luna doesn’t even wrestle since one year, Viktoria wrestles since already 10 years and she’s therefore very experienced and skilled. This match truly is a real challenge for Luna. You’ll be surprised how hard it will be for Viktoria dealing with Luna’s strength and with her flexibility. This isn’t the one sided match you’d probably expect to see here. Both women are keen for winning and both of them have a good chance for winning this match and there are submissions on both sides. This is a wrestling match that challenges even Viktoria and she’s forced for giving more than 100% for not getting humiliated and defeated by younger Luna. This is a much recommended wrestling match for fans who love female strength, skills, flexibility and the sports. Please note: The first 9 minutes of this video are an introduction of all wrestlers participating in this event with their great biceps flexing plus a short test of strength presentation. The real wrestling time of this video is therefore the time given minus those beautiful, exciting, thrilling and interesting first 9 minutes of the introduction.

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