MOVIES-904 Renata B. vs Tia


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Tia is a new wrestler who is beautiful, open minded, skilled and very strong and athletic. Having been a former handball player and trained in jiujitsu, Tia is extremely skilled, strong and flexible. Renata is the more experienced wrestler but Tia is bigger, ten years younger, heavier and probably stronger than Renata. After some minutes in this match you can feel the needle and the rivalry between them growing and there is one certain moment in this fight when the match is almost going out of hands. Now they’re trying to finish off each other and their international rivalry did the rest. Then this match suddenly became a real fight to the finish. It’s still good sports but there’s also some kind of female rivalry and fighting in this match that might be a little too much and a little bit “going way too far” for our “sports only” fans. Please note: The first 9 minutes of this video are an introduction of all wrestlers participating in this event with their great biceps flexing plus a short test of strength presentation. The real wrestling time of this video is therefore the time given minus those beautiful, exciting, thrilling and interesting first 9 minutes of the introduction.

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