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Tia is a new wrestler who is beautiful, open minded, skilled and very strong and athletic. Having been a former handball player and trained in jiu jitsu, Tia is extremely skilled, strong and flexible. Equally strong and tough Luna’s match versus Tia could have easily been called the “Fight of the Titans”. Although Luna doesn’t wrestle that long as Tia does and although Luna has – other than Tia – no idea about jiu jitsu and neither has she such a long wrestling experience, she equals her disadvantage in skills with extreme ambition and great excitement. This is all but a one sided match and there’s quite some “needle” in this international wrestling match with both of the strong and proud women having to feel and finally to accept some hard and pretty painful submissions. This is a wrestling match (pins and submissions) many of you had long waited for. This is a true topless sports wrestling match between two extremely strong and powerful women who’re both equally matched. Due to her knee problems, Tia once again asked for starting that match on the knees. We did agree to her request and it worked out positively, since then both women did not waste any time in the standing positions but they’re going straight and immediately into very close and exciting wrestling activities. This is a true collector’s item for those fans who love some of the best submission wrestling available. If you enjoy such female wrestling matches and if you want to support that style and if you also want to watch similar fights in the future, too, all you’d have to do for getting them then will be simply the showing of your support for such kind of female wrestling by obtaining your fair download from our website. Please note: The first 9 minutes of this video are an introduction of all wrestlers participating in this event with their great biceps flexing plus a short test of strength presentation. The real wrestling time of this video is therefore the time given minus those beautiful, exciting, thrilling and interesting first 9 minutes of the introduction.

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