MOVIES-910 Viktoria M. vs Tiffany


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Once again this is a clash of the wrestling titans of our two teams. While HWW boss Viktoria has had a lot of international matches recently and while she was able to improve her skills and her experience in those matches, Tiffany hasn’t had that many matches during the past years. Both women are already in their 30ties and therefore you can see two mature, skilled and experienced women wrestling each other in fair sports. They’ve had wrestling matches before against each other and it had always been Tiffany who went off the mat as the winner. This time, slightly younger Viktoria definitely knew that her last chance has come. Will she really be ready for achieving her first victory against Tiffany? This is fair sports between two mature ladies who really can wrestle and who’re both some of the strongest natural women on earth. Since we did already present you our wonderful and informative event introduction scenes in 8 of the previously released event videos, we did waive it now, and therefore the complete time of the displayed video will actually be their wrestling match.

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