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Antscha was Luna’s last opponent at this event but for sure she wasn’t her easiest opponent since Antscha is one of the strongest and most skilled women in the HWW team. Since Antscha is also training jiujitsu since a year, she is aware of almost every technique for fighting a slightly heavier woman, too. However, Luna is very strong and she’s not only big and powerful but she’s also ambitious and aggressive. If you would think that this is an easy match for Antscha then you’re absolutely wrong. Luna had already shown to Viktoria, Bea and Tia her power, her strength and her sheer will and determination. She didn’t have any respect of Antscha either. Soon after this match had started, Antscha found herself in a real fight and in deep trouble and the “snake” had every leg and her hands full with defending Luna’s powerful body. Watch this exciting match with great submissions on both sides. Since we did already present you our wonderful and informative event introduction scenes in 8 of the previously released event videos, we did waive it now, and therefore the complete time of the displayed video will actually be their wrestling match.

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