DWW-058-01 Nude Hairpulling Fight
Wanda vs Helga


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Wanda vs Helga

Specially requested by a valued customer, this tape features a round robin nude wrestling tournament with hairpulling being allowed. The lovely statuesque Romanian Helga, the exotic Transylvanian Wanda and the gorgeous, fiery and aggressive Hungarian gipsy Georgina take each other on in 3 gruelling matches in front of a select audience to prove themselves the better woman. This is competitive and fierce action between exceptionally beautiful and aggressive naked women from start to finish and no parts of their superb female bodies could escape from their aggressive claws. To round off this tape we have included two other very aggressive matches: Tereza vs. Kati (nude) and Agi vs. Beata (topless). Both matches had to be stopped since things were getting out of hand.

This video was part of a DVD or movie collection. The description is valid for the full DVD, but not necessarily for this specific video download. Even if multiple matches are described, the download will contain a single match.

5 matches featuring Helga (22), Wanda (23), Georgina (23), Tereza (31), Kati (21), Agi (20) and Beata (22)

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