DWW-068-02 Topless Aggression
Wanda vs Georgina


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Wanda vs Georgina

Georgina is a fiery gipsy beauty with perfect breasts who has trouble in differentiating between a wrestling match on a mat and a real streetfight.The tape features five of her fierce topless matches some of which had to be stopped since it was developing into a real fight. Georgina has a nasty streak and has no scruples about almost anything. She just doesn’t accept losing to another woman. Her opponents include Jana, the equally aggressive tough Czech streetfighter (obvious outcome), and Wanda, the sultry Transylvanian. Next in line is Bea, the Beauty (a classic “Beauty vs. Beast” struggle, after which all guests requested a rematch), followed by the gorgeous dancer Marietta and finally the German wrestling princess Mary. To the regret of our clubmembers we had to stop one of these matches. We received a lot of flack for doing so and would like your opinion. We were just worried about a potential serious injury and its effect on the morale of the other wrestlers. Another match continued as a real fight after the referee had broken up the action (all on video). This tape will make you appreciate the fighting prowess of the gipsy women. If you love hard, fierce matches with lots of real hairpulling, scratching and slapping, then this tape will become your favorite one. Don’t miss out!

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5 topless matches featuring Georgina (23), Jana (21), Wanda (23), Bea (18), Marietta (19) and Mary (24)

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