DWW-075-04 Tournament of Aggressive Girls, Final
Andrea vs Eveline


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Andrea vs Eveline

In one of our recent events we put together 4 girls who are not only beautiful but are extremely confident of their own abilities as wrestlers and have tempers to match. Tomboy Eveline, the graceful Romanian Helga, voluptuous blonde Andrea and Swedish redhead Tina competed in a 4 girl elimination tournament. Knowing that Tina and Eveline had a match in Hungary a few months ago (see video DWW-70) which turned into a fistfight and had to be interrupted for safety reasons, the audience wanted to see a rematch. Therefore we had to put Tina against Eveline and Helga vs. Andrea in the first round to ensure such a match-up. And yes – things got out of hand again! But this time we can promise you that there was a clear winner! Intense and skillful matches with a lot of aggro and no draws!

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4 topless matches featuring Eveline (19), Tina (26), Andrea (19) and Helga (22)

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