DWW-078-03 18th Birthday Debut
Andrea vs Krisztina


Other Girl
Other Girl
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Andrea vs Krisztina

We had originally decided not to release these matches since they were extremely one-sided in terms of results. It’s not that the losers did not try but no matter what they did they were dominated and humiliated in front of an audience by a better woman. Some of us have great pleasure in a very decisive contest where one can see in the loser’s eyes and body language the agony of total defeat and the thrill of complete destruction of another female in the way the triumphant female enjoys herself. This is a real treat! See Hana vs. Marietta, Edita vs. Marietta, followed by blonde Andrea vs. birthday girl Krisztina, Susanne vs. Wanda, then blonde Romanian Eva vs. Mongolian Kati and finally the legendary and often requested Andrea vs. Tünde fight, a thrilling “blonde vs. brunette” challenge.

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6 topless matches featuring Hana (23), Edita (21), Marietta (19), Wanda (23),Susanne (27), Kati (22), Eva (21), Andrea (18), Krisztina (18) and Tünde (21)

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