DWW-094-01 Big Boobs Catfight
Ingrid vs Nicole




Match: Ingrid vs Nicole

We had so many requests for fights between big breasted women with a lot of hairpulling that we felt obliged – with help of a kind sponsor – to produce this tape. And with such results!! There are three great real fights in this tape between beautiful topless girls (who incidentally don’t like each other very much) that are quite intense and include some of the most vicious hairpulling we have witnessed at DWW. The fights are busty Nicole vs. blonde Ingrid, Iva vs. aggressive newcomer Ludka (her favorite hold is to apply a textbook schoolgirl pin and then attack her opponent’s hair) and tall Amazon Barbara vs. strong newcomer Katka. One of the upset losers refused to shake the triumphant girl’s hand claiming that she did not want to “catch an infection from that bitch” – needless to say a rematch has already been arranged! We believe that these are some of the best and most aggressive matches DWW has ever produced to date. Great stuff!

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3 topless catfights featuring Ingrid (18), Nicole (21), Iva (22), Ludka (19), Barbara (18) and Katka (19)

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