DWW-193-02 Black Sea Amazons Catfight
Lessja vs Svetlana Kr


Svetlana Kr
Svetlana Kr
Special Dress
Special Dress


Match: Lessja vs Svetlana Kr

First in this sponsored tape, Olenia S. and newcomer Olga Kr. (Svetlana’s sister) argue after a boxing match and one challenges the other to a catfight in dresses and pantyhose. It’s short and rough.
Later, Svetlana enters the gym and attacks Olenia from behind. Both wear pantyhose under their skirts. Lessa steps in and forces Svetlana to fight her instead. A very brutal catfight in street clothes ensues, in which nothing is withheld. This becomes a serious fight.
When the loser has been thoroughly defeated, they fight a rematch in the ring under extreme rules, still dressed, with pantyhose, but wearing cobra gloves. It is a truly ferocious slug-fest. You will gasp at how these nice young women can do this to each other.

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Two catfights, one extreme fight
Olenia S. (18) vs. Olga Kr. (18), catfight
Lessja (22) vs. Svetlana Kr. (20), catfight
Lessja (22) vs. Svetlana Kr. (20), extreme fight

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