DWW-111-02 Walk Over Retirement
Galina vs Annamaria


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Galina vs Annamaria

This tape is one of the most remarkable DWW has ever produced.
The first fight is on its own worth the price of several videos. This video is an absolute all-time classic in any language: BSA girl Rada and lovely Hungarian Kriszta get into a hairpulling catfight of unbelievable intensity. Each goads the other to more viciousness. After 20 minutes neither girl has given in to the other, but there’s plenty of hair on the mat. They are evenly matched and settle it finally by wrestling to one pin only in one of the best fights we have ever filmed.
Stunning, sultry teenage beauty Denise fights super-stacked Nicole and Annamaria vs. Galina show that interenational rivalry admits no quarter.
Brunette newcomer Timea X clearly thinks it’s great fun to be licensed to rough up another girl. Her victim is the tenacious blonde Ingrid, no slouch herself when it comes to a real fight, and they go at it without mercy. Just one of Timea’s more aggressive ideas is a painful “wedgie”, pulling Ingrid’s thong into her crotch. The match – to no surprise – gets out of hand after Timea punches her fist several times hard into Ingrid’s right breast and it ends with both girls insulting each other vocally.
If you like hairpulling and if you like the action hard and fierce, then you’ll love this tape.

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4 topless matches featuring Rada (21), Kriszta (20), Annamaria (20), Galina (21), Denise (18), Nicole (22), Timea (21) and Ingrid (18)

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Duration 13 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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