DWW-119-02 Ukrainian Fighter vs Czech Wrestler
Galina vs Iva


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Galina vs Iva

Here is truly international competition for fans of excellent straight wrestling, with neither hairpulling nor unfair tactics. Some of the best submission wrestlers meet each other in this tape. First, a topless clash between Czech Olympic-style wrestler Michaela (some may remember her from video EU-11) and Hungarian wrestler and kickboxer Edina. These two strong, athletic women put on a demonstration of wrestling techniques and strength, and it’s something of a stand-off. There’s a very different atmosphere in the second match, when BSA girl Galina meets Iva. For Galina it was a something of a novelty to be in any kind of fight without copious amounts of kicking, punching or hairpulling, but in this topless match she proves she is quite a sporting athlete and that she can handle this straight style too. Iva appears again in the third topless match, this time against Israel’s submission wrestling champion Sheshan in her first international competition. Sheshan hadn’t lost a single match thus far at home, so we were curious if she could retain her unbeaten record. Both girls were cheered on by their friends in a unique atmosphere of international rivalry. The fourth match features French judo-champion Marie Laure. Now in her forties, having won a difficult battle against serious illness, she has recovered and this is her return to wrestling. For medical reasons she could not risk a submission match, but wrestled to pins only, we were just glad she was able to make her come-back. Her opponent in this bikini match was young BSA athlete Rada, herself a former national Olympic-style wrestling champion. Both women demonstrate first class wrestling techniques in what is not only an international but a match between generations. This is a tape for collectors who like strong women in high quality straight wrestling.

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3 topless and one bikini wrestling matches featuring Edina ( 21), Michaela (18), Iva (22), Galina (21), Sheshan (21), Rada (21) and Marie Laure (40)

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