DWW-125-03 No Holds Barred at the Beach
Tatyana K vs Lessja


Tatyana K
Tatyana K
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Tatyana K vs Lessja

On a lonely beach by the Black Sea, the Amazons gather to decide their hierarchy. They do this quite simply, by donning fingerless “cobra” gloves and fighting it out to a finish. There are few rules: just sufficient to prevent hospitalisation. This is raw, extreme fighting of great intensity. None of these ladies is going to let another girl kick sand in her face!
Tall red-head Natalia takes on lovely Natasha in golden sunlight, taekwondo champion Tatyana has her hands full – usually with her opponent’s hair! – with smouldering beauty Lessja.
If you like the idea of a very different kind of beach party, where pretty girls fight for real in the open air with nobody to interfere, this tape is for you.

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Three extreme fights on a beach featuring Natasha K. (26) vs. Natalia S. (27); Tatyana K. (26) vs Lessja (20) and Natalia S. (27) vs. Olga K. (23)

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Duration 26 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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