DWW-123-02 Slapping Extreme Catfight
Rada vs Lessja


Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Rada vs Lessja

When it comes to a fight, the Black Sea Amazons are mean. On this video they fight without gloves, using face and body slaps, body punches and lots of hair-pulling. Lovely brunette taekwondo champ Tatyana K. faces tiny wrestling expert Rada in the ring, no quarter expected or given. The hairpulling is lengthy and vicious. The girls don’t know each other and neither wants to lose in front her friends. Beautiful Lessja makes every match wholly intense: both she and Rada cry with pain as they pull hair and slap unmercifully to a convincing finish in one of the fiercest fights from the DWW Summer Event 1998. The final fight is very short but very brutal: the winner overwhelms the loser with a lightning bolt of pure venom. You’ve never seen anything like it.

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Three hairpulling slapping fights featuring Tatyana K. (26) vs Rada (21); Lessja (20) vs. Rada (21) and Tatjana L. (19) vs. Marina S. (20)

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